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Welcome to WES

At Wayne Elementary School we create a safe and caring environment for all students to grow and learn.

We work towards this mission in a variety of ways:

  • School Wide Positive Behavior Framework
  • Staff and Support Personnel
  • Variety of learning opportunities
  • Partnership with our families and community

Challenging Learning Expectations

We strive to “unlock the potential in all of us”

  • Academically we have a strong core program with supports so all students can not only access, but reach their full potential to achieve.
  • Socially we use the PBS framework to create a culture that is inclusive and respectful.
  • Emotionally we focus on the whole child which encompasses academics and social skills - Second Step.
  • Morning Meeting and Closing Circle.

The information on this page was adapted from the New Student Orientation presentation from Summer 2021. To view the full presentation, download the PDF below.

New Student Orientation: Welcome to Wayne (PDF)

Bee wrapped around the letter W

Our People


Arrival 8:55 to 9 a.m. (students need to be in their classroom by 9:05 a.m.)

  • District transportation/school bus (drops off in front circle)
  • Car (drops off in car loop with adult supervision)
  • Walkers/bikers

*All students line up with their classmates at an assigned door. Adults on duty to monitor.

Daily Schedule

Each grade has:

  • Four core subjects (reading/literacy, math, social studies, and science)

  • A special daily (library, music, art, gym, wellness, STEM)

  • A 25 minute lunch and 25 minute recess.

  • Dedicated 50 minutes daily for Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to receive support, interventions, enrichment, music lessons, and other services if needed.


Please be mindful of procedures for notifying the office of changes in dismissal plans. You need to speak directly with someone in the office as email and voicemail may not be able to relay the message in time.

  • Students pack up by 3:35 p.m.
  • Students are dismissed at 3:40 p.m.
    • Clubs - teachers dismiss students/Right at School staff supervises after school clubs
    • Car loop (students will meet at a designated spot and an adult walks them to the car loop)
    • After care (Right at School staff supervises the after care program)
    • Walkers (must have a signed permission/note in office)
    • District transportation/school bus riders (walk to designated bus location - adults are assigned to a bus to assist)
  • Buses leave by approximately 3:45-3:50 p.m.

School Wide Positive

School-Wide Positive Behavior is a framework that educators use to create positive school culture through evidence-based interventions and supports. It is a system of tools and strategies for defining, teaching, acknowledging appropriate behaviors, and correcting undesirable behaviors. For more information on the School Wide Positive Behavior program at WES, visit the webpage.

Our Behavioral Expectations 

Any behavior that is on the matrix chart.

  Classroom Hallway Cafeteria Playground Bus Bathroom Little Theater Offices Arrival & Departure
Be Respectful
  • Use Kind Words
  • Listen When Others are Speaking
  • Eyes on Speaker
  • Use Level 1 or 2 Voice
  • Maintain Place in Line
  • Give a Quiet Greeting
  • Keep Personal Space
  • Use Level 1 or 2 Voice
  • Use Kind Words
  • Follow Directions the First Time Given
  • Use Good Table Manners
  • Use Kind Words
  • Include Others
  • Follow Directions the First Time Given
  • Show Good Sportsmanship
  • Use Level 1 or 2 Voice
  • Use Kind Words
  • Quiet Body
  • Knock Before Opening
  • Quietly Wait Your Turn
  • Mind Your Bees-Wax
  •  Enter Quietly
  • Eyes on Speaker
  • Report to the Desk *Use Kind Words
  • Quietly Wait Your Turn
  • Give a Quiet Greeting
  • Quiet Body
Be Responsible
  • Be Prepared for Class
  • Provide Your Best Work
  • Follow Directions the First Time Given
  • Accept Consequences Without Complaining
  • Quiet Body
  • Be a Good Role Model
  • Walk to the Right
  • Quietly Wait Your Turn
  • Keep Your Personal Space Clean and Organized
  • Eat Your Own Food
  • Control Your Own Actions
  • Line Up Promptly and Quietly
  • Take Turns and Share
  • Follow Directions the First Time Given
  • Keep Your Personal Space Clean and Organized
  • Keep Electronic Devices in School Bag
  • Keep Food in School Bag
  • Keep Bathroom Clean
  • Flush
  • Return to Class Promptly
  • Celebrate by Clapping Appropriately
  • Sit on Your Bottom
  • Tell the Truth
  • Mind Your Bees-Wax
  • Go directly to bus or car line
Be Safe and Caring
  • Keep Your Personal Space Clean and Organized
  • Face Forward
  • Stay in a Straight Line
  • Walk
  • Stay in Seat until Called
  • Stop, Look, Listen at the Sound of the Whistle
  • Stay Seated While Bus is Moving
  • Face Forward
  • Open Door Slowly
  • Wash Hands
  • Stay in Personal Space

  • Be patient
  • Walk
  • Stay Behind the Yellow Line on Sidewalk

Title I Support

Wayne Elementary School receives Title 1 funds, which allow us to have additional literacy and math supports for students who qualify based on assessment data throughout various grade levels.

Title 1 support is regular education intervention to provide additional support that aligns with our curriculum. For more information on Federal Programs, visit the Teaching and Learning website.